20 years of reunion


20 years reunited

It took two months to organise to call to follow up.

It helped to learn how to be more calm patient n to grow as a person..

We all were reconnecting to our roots to our branches

From silly girls to groomed women

Everyone had they stories their happiness their sadness their struggles … but now every one is shining star..glowing in our worlds…

But it didn’t took us minutes to open our hearts and made us learn many things from everyone..

Meeting everyone was just magical.. the aura of happiness n love..

Pulling each other’s leg … getting nostalgic

N yes how can I not mention sex talks .. which crossed every limits

Great photo sessions , Dances ,Drinks everything’s have put smile on faces

N love in our hearts

There were many whom I met for the first time but didn’t felt that we were never together.., this is the charm of reuniting

This reunion have brought us all together n made me realise no matter what we were n what we are … where ever we are…..we are always there for each other…

N this feeling really touched my heart mind n soul

Now when we all have come back with heart full of fantastic memories of two beautiful days… this will be unforgettable two days of our lives

I want to thank everyone to make it possible

Love you all